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Collecting the Top 20 Best-Selling NFT Artists Right Now

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Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your hats, for NFTs are the trendiest art commodity in town.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are artworks created on the blockchain with unique encryption codes that can be confirmed for authenticity and ownership. An NFT might be anything from a piece of digital art to a whole song or album. The NFT trend has also caught the attention of fashion designers.

Artists of various ages and from all over the world are taking over the crypto art scene, from 18-year-old Fewocious to 87-year-old José Delbo. In March 2021, more than 509,000 NFT artworks were sold, totaling more than $85 million in sales. It’s a significant event.

Do you want to buy some NFT art but don’t know where to begin? Cryptoart.io keeps a continuous list of artists ranked by total sales value. Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, Foundation, MakersPlace, KnownOrigin, and Async Art are among the internet sites from which the information was gathered. We’ve also taken into account information from prominent NFT media companies like NFT Now. While the data is always changing, we’ve put up a list of the top 20 NFT artists right now for your convenience.

*Disclaimer: This list is subject to change since Total Artwork Value is determined using the current USD/ETH exchange rate. The resale of an artist’s work can affect their ranking, and new releases every day have an influence on the top-grossing NFT artists. For the latest up-to-date information and rankings, visit CryptoArt and NFT Now.


After a historic sale with Christie’s auction house, Mike Winkelmann, who goes by the artist name Beeple, is the best-selling NFT artist. The work “Everyday: The First 5000 Days,” which sold for $69,346,250.00, was primarily responsible for mainstream media attention of NFT sales. This was also the first time a well-known auction house sold crypto art and accepted bitcoin as payment.

Beeple’s works have sold for an average of $133,849.86 apiece. He also maintains his “Everyday’s” series on Instagram, where he shares everyday digital masterpieces. His works are both realistic and ridiculous, ranging from digital forms and sceneries to obscene political illustrations.


Trevor Jones, a Canadian-born Scottish artist, is “totally intrigued” by the art-tech link. Before moving on to QR codes and augmented reality, the visual artist worked on canvas. Jones was fascinated by the power of crypto technology and its interaction with art after purchasing his first Bitcoin in 2017. Jones has partnered with some of the most well-known personalities in NFT, selling a total of 5,284 artworks for an average of $3,409.65 apiece.

“Genesis,” his best-selling piece, was a collaboration with Argentine comic book creator José Delbo, in which he painted and animated Delbo’s Batman picture. His solo piece “The Bitcoin Angel” is his best-selling. The $188,888.00 oil on canvas artwork portrays two marble sculptures in front of a gold Bitcoin.

Jones is now working on a six-month project of large-scale paintings and NFTs that will be released in August and September, therefore he is not currently making anything. On the secondary market, his earlier collection “Bitcoin Angel” is accessible.


Ferocious, a teen artist, is spearheading an NFT Renaissance. The 18-year-old digital artist is a pop surrealist who has swept the NFT and crypto worlds. With over 50,000 Instagram and Twitter followers, the teenage artist has sold a total of 3,103 NFT works at an average of $5,812.16 apiece.

A painting named “The Everlasting Beautiful,” which portrays a woman’s face with a hand on her cheek is his highest-recorded sale. Each feature is unique, with both colorful accents and monochrome portions. The background, which is loaded with beauty and love-related words, mimics a 20-second movie in which the spectator is told to “just tell me I’m lovely” at one point. As her mouth moves, the woman’s eyes sparkle. The painting includes a 30×30 canvas, oil paint, and gloss varnish. Ferocious is currently working on a clothes drop as well as a “few other things.” Check out the rest of our Fewocious features here.


The unidentified Pak is one of the most enigmatic characters in the NFT universe. Pak has been creating digital work for 2 decades, whether as a solo or as part of a group. The artist is known by some of the world’s greatest tech personalities, including Elon Musk, who owns 1,691 artworks for an average of $9,354.99 apiece. Pak’s art is predominantly monochrome with geometric forms. With a price tag of $900,072.96, Pak’s “Metarift” displays a 6 structure encircled by what appears to be a four-ridged band. The two constructions spin opposite to one other throughout the 12-second movie, with a metallic tinge highlighting the materials’ distinct undertones.


Mad Dog Jones is a dynamic, adaptive, and surreal artist who was born in Canada. Mad Dog Jones, who combines music and art, has sold 1,567 NFT artworks for an average of $9,063.52 each.

“Boardwalk,” Jones’ best-selling piece, is a 43-second film of a sketched scene in a city. Small rains fall upon the scene as a cab is stopped in an alley with a skyscraper looming overhead. Raindrops fall in time with the beat of the music. On February 21, 2021, the artwork sold for $388,888.00.


Mike Parisella, also known as SlimeSunday, is a digital collage artist located in Boston, Massachusetts. SlimeSunday’s study of weird and sexual themes has garnered him over 500,000 Instagram followers for always pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable in mainstream media. He has sold a total of 6,508 NFT artworks to date.

SlimeSunday has also earned a reputation for himself as part of the ssx3lau combo with electronic music producer and NFT artist 3lau, averaging $1,784.64 per piece. “Gunky’s Uprising,” a duet with 3lau for which he contributed visuals, is his best-selling song. SlimeSunday’s animation abilities emerge through the ssx3lau collaborations, even if the world mostly sees his digital two-dimensional drawings. “The Process,” SlimeSunday’s best-selling solo item, depicts his digital collage-making process while being backed by 3lau’s music.


Hackathon, the first crypto artist, is the top-selling artist, with 1,504 artworks sold at an average price of $7,310.61 each. Hackathon addresses themes of society, ecology, humanity, and cryptography. It is named “hack” from the joy of getting beneath the skin and finding what’s within, and “Tao” for Ying and Yang.

“Kim Jong Un – ‘Dead and Alive’ Edition,” the Italian duo’s best-selling piece, is an animation depicting North Korea’s infamous leader shifting between flesh and bone. The artwork fetched $276,136.88 at auction. The artists experiment with state of being and color in characteristic Hackatao way, describing themselves as “Like Schrödinger’s cat, he’s equally alive and dead until we unlock the dictatorial box.”


Xcopy, a digital artist and cryptocurrency enthusiast located in London, has sold 1,907 NFT artworks. XCopy’s artworks, which explore themes of death, dystopia, and indifference, include distorted visual loops and flashing imagery warnings, as his work nearly always includes some form of flashing light pattern.

XCopy’s biggest reported sale was for “Death Dip” for $1,812,660.00, averaging $5,240.90 per piece. The artwork consists of a black screen with a white skull that rapidly changes angles. Surrounding blue and green squares rapidly change position, creating the impression of a full-body skeleton moving around the screen in circles.


Justin Blau, as 3LAU, is a DJ and fintech enthusiast who has been releasing electronic music since 2011 and has performed at EDC Vegas, Electric Zoo, Lollapalooza, and other festivals. 3lAU was an early adopter of cryptocurrency and blockchain, and is currently one of the most prominent figures in the NFT movement. 3LAU has virtually solely released his music as NFTs after selling 6,090 artworks at an average of $1,505.54 apiece.

“Gunky’s Uprising,” a collaboration with creative director SlimeSunday, was his most expensive piece, selling for $1,333,333.33. SlimeSunday’s graphics are complemented with a 3-minute song that was released under their combined moniker SSX3LAU. In 2018, 3LAU also hosted the first blockchain-powered music event.


Long before joining the NFT scene, Canadian singer Grimes was a highly regarded alt-pop phenomenon. Grimes’ audience soon migrated to the NFT sector, with 1,122 artworks selling for an average of $7,983.33 apiece.

“Death of the Old,” her highest-grossing NFT, was sold for $388,938.00. Pink and white cupids soar above what appears to be a ruined castle. As we spin across the scene, a sword lodged in the mountains in the backdrop retains the center of the screen. As Grimes’ cupids soar closer to the viewer, the synth-pop demo “Anhedonia” plays all through the video.


WhIsBe, an unknown street, and fine artist created NFTs based on his renowned Vandal Gummy Bear series. The popular sweet treats are set against a mugshot background. WhIsBe’s NFTs experiment with the color and texture of both the bear and the mugshot backdrop, whereas his actual installations typically use a red gummy bear. WhIsBe has sold 1,650 NFTs at an average price of $4,507.38 per.

The artist’s name, “What is Beauty,” urges visitors to consider their own criticisms of dysfunctional systems. “Exhibit,” his highest-grossing work, sold for $250,000.00. The skeleton of a gummy bear appears in the 30-second film, still holding the jail picture plaque and roped off in what looks suspiciously like a natural history museum display.


SSX3LAU, a DJ and art director combo, debuts as an independent creator on the top-selling NFT charts. The long-running collaboration between 3LAU and SlimeSunday has resulted in 5,740 artworks worth an average of $1,428.48 apiece. “Gunky’s Uprising,” the duo’s highest-grossing song, is included in their current “Iridescent” release. The price was $1,333,333.33.

The three-minute film begins with black-and-white shots of what appears to be a hilly environment. As the rhythm lowers, flashes of neon color in every color of the rainbow appear on the screen, contrasting against the black background. Before a neon hand takes over, the reflected landscape changes into geometric patterns, forming triangles, circles, and squares out of the mountains.


Argentinian artist José Delbo, best known for his work on Wonder Woman, Captain Planet, and Little Lulu, released his debut NFT in July 2020. “Death,” a 43-page original comic book, sold for $642.14 on eBay. Since then, he’s sold 2,781 artworks for an average of $2,884.53 apiece.

Delbo collaborated with TrevorJones on “Genesis,” his highest-grossing NFT at $553,169.65. Delbo sketched Batman, and Jones painted and animated the picture. Batman appears, gazing directly at the spectator, as the work progresses from pencil sketch to oil on canvas. The artwork is painted over in white before he can say anything, and the process begins all over again.


RTFKT Studios began as an undefined group and has now grown into a major manufacturer of shoes and digital artifacts. Sneakers are digital Skins that may be worn by digital characters in the metaverse, and they are the studio’s major emphasis.

The studio’s best-selling NFT, “Fewo Charm,” a partnership with Fewocious, grants the user “deep creative skills and heavenly luck.” It sold for $88,888.88 at the auction. RTFKT’s items range from metal jackets and cybersneakers to denim and even a “Super Toilet,” with 916 NFTs sold at an average of $6,215.79 apiece.


Kode Adobo, commonly known as Bosslogic, is an Australian graphic designer and digital concept artist. Bosslogic, who is known for his innovative fan art mashups and mixes, has sold a total of 1,148 NFTs for an average of $4,087.08 apiece. “The Arrival,” the artist’s most popular creation, unlocks an ultra-rare Mesut zil Next Chapter Golden Kit bodysuit, a Genies Wearable for the buyer’s personal Genie. Users may purchase items for their Genies to wear in the metaverse, similar to how crypto artworks.

His most recent release is a collaboration with Francis Ngannou, a Cameroonian-French mixed martial artist, which was released on the same day as the UFC 260 fight. The work aims to bridge the gap between martial arts and NFTs.


Antoni Tudisco is indeed an art director and 3-dimensional illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany. The artist has previously collaborated with Nike, Puma, Versace, Apple, and other companies, and has now entered the NFT area. Tudisco’s creations frequently incorporate fashion design aspects, with 1,229 sales average $3,783.70.

Tudisco’s best-selling NFT is a collaboration with Steve Aoki named “hairy.” Tudisco is a regular collaborator with Steve Aoki. Former T-Mobile CEO John Legere purchased the $888,888.88 NFT, which created the graphics to match Aoki’s soundtrack. Tudisco has launched his own fashion label, Tudisco Studio, featuring a trademark headgear as its first product.


Steve Aoki, an American DJ/producer, began his NFT adventure with the song “Dream Catcher,” which he co-wrote with Antoni Tudisco. Aoki’s collaborations are full of vivid colors and electro beats, with 1,216 NFTs sold for an average of $3,695.52 apiece.

The 36-second video depicting a purple, pink, and blue hairy face swaying to electronic music is Aoki’s best-selling NFT “hairy.” The artwork comes with a screen made of acrylic for physical display and was sold for $888,888.88 to former T-Mobile CEO John Legere.


Deadmau5 is a well-known Canadian DJ and producer who has sold 752 items, with an average price of $5,605.18. Each NFT is anchored by his distinctive mau5head, which is complemented by his own tunes. “In Titan’s Light,” an audiovisual collaboration between deadmau5 and Sutu, was his highest reported sale, at $138,647.34. The composition takes set aboard a space station on Titan’s moon, and is inspired by Deadmau5’s track “SATRN.”


Greg Mike, a surrealist pop artist, and muralist began selling blockchain-minted copies of never-before-seen content in February 2021. The Atlanta-based artist’s trademark “antique cartoons” strive to beautify your real and virtual walls, with 2,221 total pieces sold. “Mad Cans Master Set (50 Cans),” his highest reported sale, fetched $80,000.00, a significant rise above his average NFT of $1,976.68.


With Aku: The Moon God, a collection of sculptures and digital art showing a little black kid wearing an astronaut’s cap, this Major League Baseball player-turned-artist enters the NFT space. Johnson rapidly became one of the most well-known names in the business, with 1,534 total sales. His works average $2,376.15, with the biggest selling being $400,762.50.

Unlike the majority of his NFT peers, Johnson’s NFTs all come with a physical sculpture. “The Vault,” his highest-recorded sale, includes a sculpture of Aku. The NFT owner enjoys exclusive access to the temperature-controlled vault, which is housed in the Art Angels gallery in Miami and can resell visiting rights at any time.

The current price of ETH (the cryptocurrency ethereum) is used to calculate USD values, not the historical price at the time of sale. Check to visit CryptoArt for additional information on the top-selling NFT artists.

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